"Pslightly Psycho" F​@​%​! Normal (Prod. by Brother Samuel & Miasma)

from by Taylo Psymind

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I create music for my own self progression as an artist and also for everybody else who works hard at what they do. I put hours on hours into my music; writing, producing, mixing, mastering and so forth. I'm using plenty of mind power creating the little inbetween details. I put finishing touches on the beats and extend them or add some djembe or another instrument for a little added something, jazz it up. My music is made along with the help of many other extremely talented producers and could not be made without them! I credit everybody I have worked with and provide links to their respected sites.

All my tunes (every single song) are (is) non profit and available for free download! Thank you all so much and don't come back to this page unless you are ready to feel good jammin some creative, out of the box, no rules, free music as loud as you can!


He's such a fucking weirdo...
Embrace the weird
up my mind a little bit I gotta spit so give me the beat and ima turn into a demon
The serial killer is dreaming
I'm blowing off steam and going off stress mixed with a finer meaning
and ima show em that Ima really deliver the mind of a killer is something I don't really know about
ill tell you what's realer so listen when I get to the details in the mirror
like I'm talking to myself and every second in fear
but I'm not scared of what's here, picking it up and tripping em up I get my mind right in the light,
spitting it up and never giving it up I stay until I shine, yea that's right
The zone of the creature digging and crawling up either
run or be eaten the disease in the creek makes swimmers downstream dinner
so enter the winner I mean something about my monsters stuck up in the closet
running our dreams scheming forever seekin meaning
Spiritual, they hear it all but won't come near it
Amen and staying faithful forever even with these crazy lyrics
knowing that god is helping me out man this is his gift
I'm feeling the lift, I'm feeling so swift, Im gone let in and takin it all in
I know that you can rap about anything and don't have to worry about it
I don't have a care in the world what you are thinking bout me
I came to change the patterns that arrange the way that you are thinking homie
Cloned cloned and lonely smoky smoky
really let em feel it get to stealing all the bologna or going ham or whatever they spam all over the internet like we give a damn?
derogatory, my laboratory says dexter up in lights
going to bed and resting my head dreaming of the future tonight, uh so tell em what they got to do, like that, again
Many of the enemies are really good at being friendly, ask em if they all can hear me tonight
spitting it out, getting it loud and your hearing it right
Play it at highest volume at the highest height
Making sense not making sense well it all depends
out the box make it bend every time I coming in I tell em get in the back of the room and flip it,
this is the shine of the moon
Flipping and giving em cinnamon, fairies up until noon
Thinking out loud witches grab me the broom and add another snail tail to the brew
Do do do a musical
my cue to go is now forever remember dreaming and balance in the now with what's suitable
Penny for your thoughts write a book about the crops when you had him I'm the middle of the Manchester slaughterhouse
micky and mini mouse caught in the trap of the get back swift attack make you wanna get a bat calm your temper down
what you talking about now?
Well this sound is a little off idk this is just weird and its odd. Well I'm Weird weird weird weird weird weird weird and you're not, so don't like it don't don't don't don't don't like it cause I'm weird weird weird weird weird weird and your normal.
You know what I gotta say about normal?
F@%! Normal!
Odd, different, weird
Haha embrace it.
Psymind and I'm coming with these weird rhymes,
I don't really care what you gotta say about me me me me,
cause my mindset is always changing and uh, all I got to think is,
f@%! normal!


from Session: 33, released September 3, 2012




Taylo Psymind Minneapolis, Minnesota

Taylo Psymind. 20. Minneapolis, MN.
The only real requirement before listening is that you're willing to wonder about life, be curious and open minded.
I work hard to progress as a musician and achieve my goals so listen along and join in on my journey if you'd like. It means a lot to hear some feedback so let me know what you think.
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