They Say, I Say (Prod. by Prince County Beats)

from by Taylo Psymind

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Another fun rhyming track for everybody to rock too.


They say this and I say that
Ever since a little kid I always fought back
They say that and I just think
I always gotta trust my instincts damn
They say hot and I say cold
Feel a little soul from the kids at home
So when they say turn away
take it all in everyday
Always knowing that I got sunshine on my shoulder
And everybody wanna come and take mine
Step in line to order
Cause they say yes but I say no
Gotta lot heart from the hate close to home
They say right and I say wrong
Tell a mutherfucker in every song
They say low and I say high
Reaching til I'm floating in the middle of the sky
They say even and I say odd
Make your fairy tale princess find a frog
They say blame and I say fault
Everybody needs a chance to fall
When they say stay I say get up
Learn from your mistake that's how you grow up
They say hard and I say soft
I don't give a fuck about looking all hot
They say bitch and we say woman
Lady thanks to lupe not a groupie or a boobie or a booty or a hoe in a movie or in a jacuzzi or another sloozey ehhh
Nah ah none of that, just a nice girl to go and get a smoothie wit so shit man what we gunna do about this?
Make another song?
Break another jaw?
I say yay and they say naw
Well ya jackass, packrats, mall rats, good rats, rugrats, bubble baths, and good grass
Man that's all you need bud but that's just me going off my instincts man
So let's all say we while I say I
Even though I said I 25 times
They say build I say create
Visionary planetary funk ain't it great?
They say stray I say relate
We can all learn a little bit about mistakes
When I say winning they say losing
They say institution when I say revolution
I say resolution from all of their pollution
You say I'm stupid?
I say someone had to do it
You say dumb and I say brave
I stand up for what I believe til the grave
They say zero I say hero
Take some advice from a muthafuckin weirdo
They say conform and I say stand out
Not fearing anything I say coming out my mouth
They say hate I say love
Feel a little sun from the one up above
They say starve and I say eat
Gotta thank my family for the good eats!
Uh yea its Psymind and I'm an emceeeee
Saying whatever that I need
Giving my dog a bunch of treats.
I start to blossom it's awesome the music inside of me speaks often I tell the listeners how I'm feeling and my thoughts and all of the other shit that goes on in it
I'm telling you right now
Awesome, ah ah ah awesome
Awesome ah ah ah awesome
Psymind on the track better get back ah its the flip of the moon pslightly psycho check it out its my other tune uh this another mixtape great single for ya coming out soon MiND JUiCE! Ooo ooo
And I'm still in my room
Don't even got anything to record but a little mixer and a little mic and a broom
haha yeaaaahhh
This is me doing what I wanna do I'm an emceeeee told yall that I say what I need
giving my dog some treats.


from Session: 33, released September 3, 2012
The insane beatsman behind this brilliant track is




Taylo Psymind Minneapolis, Minnesota

Taylo Psymind. 20. Minneapolis, MN.
The only real requirement before listening is that you're willing to wonder about life, be curious and open minded.
I work hard to progress as a musician and achieve my goals so listen along and join in on my journey if you'd like. It means a lot to hear some feedback so let me know what you think.
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